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This site got broken into by staff of President Obama. He does not want you to know what is really going on, like you a school kid believe what a thief tells you.

This site is for Freedom-loving Fighters for Justice Around the World where-ver they may be. We represent the New Underground and we kick ass against those who want to control, enslave, and kill us for sport or money in legal video format. Tho we are strong, we are also classy-assed bitches that teach you about the law, so your butt does not get bit. We need you to join us to fight against those who want to destroy your rights. Know your law or be caught unaware and be imprisoned for no reason. Freedom has a cost - it takes a mind to know the difference and a heart to care.






Pearl Drop Earrings with Czech Stones


This wonderful pair of pearl earrings was handmade by the mothers of Israeli soldiers fighting and dying at the front lines in Israel.


These beautifully hand made pierced earrings would be helping those who defend Israel, the Motherland of the Jewish People from attack. We are asking $1200 for the active support of the families who have sacrificed so much.

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to United Fund Against Legal Terrorists Attacking Jews.


We donate a portion to Israel, the motherland of the Jewish people. NY State Governor Cuomo, ex- Attorney General of New York State wants to tax every Jew who supports Israel. Sounds like Nuremburg Laws of Nazi Germany.


 He asked the International Court to fine Israel every day they are in war with Hamas. This is wrong. All Jews must unite and fight against Legal Terrorist Cuomo because he is in Sunsglow, World Legal Reform - the "real" new NAZI to conquer and wipe out the Jewish people in this century, all over again. We, as Jews said Never Again, but history repeats itself when no one pays attention to the disintegration of laws worldwide. The time is ripe for the picking against the Jew. The pickers are already lining up before the next string of events that bring Jews and others into concentration camps. Do NOT let this happen Again!

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