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NY Senator Schumer Betrays Americans by asking for Terrorist Insurance from NY Insurance Brokers

Brad the Bull in Animal Political News reveals the Government received $3 Billion in surplus. Who's broke?

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - U.S. Government is raking money in from bribery. The world keeps turning.

Big Law - Just what is going on. Like Dewey and LeBoef, lawyer working for United Arabic Emigrates.

Former IRS  Official claimed 5th Amendment No self incrimination to Congressional Hearing but gave full interview to Justice Department - knowing  no charges would be forthcoming.

Dewey and LeBoef, high level Law Firm Leaders wanted on criminal charges

Fraud in Nassau County taken to court by New York Attorney General Schneiderman.


Chris Raccoon Obama Okays Pot for Children


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 The high court ruled that Cell-Phone Data Requires a Warrant in Massachusetts and New Jersey.



Google threatened by Egyptian Brotherhood that more violence would come because of their actions. See more.



Spartacus News TV on Russia's Human Rights Violations. So what else is new?

Animal Political News


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