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Chris Fidis Reports: We need to rebuild America, buy American cars, produce, textiles. American goods now! Get the traitors, like Mangano out !


Oy Vey Legal

Who can stand to hear the truth? Politicians smile but know the difference of what they truly believe

Google payoffs to Federal Court to get decisions in their favor. Is that the American way? or the Corrupt American way?

County Attorney and Judge working with alQueda in NY - Santos vs Network of al Queda Attorneys

Chris Fidis Reports on al Queda in Suburban NY

What's up with the Weater?


Targeting of Jews from Obama & Bloomberg


fishy Jack IRS


Supreme Court Justice Roberts calls for Genocide. Who's working for America?

Whistleblowers including world bank attorney

Jewish Home, Jerusalem Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN News, NBC News, Israeli Times, Five Towns JewishTimes, New York Post, Jewish Congress,

Why is District Attorney Rice working so hard to keep Mangano free and the Taliban receivng money from Nassau County Traffic Violations Bureau in traction from the Boot people

Why is Judge Ricigliano of Nassau County working for the good of the Taliban? Mangano has demanded his loyalty to the cause and approved his actions.

Why are New York State Police in NYC and Nassau County being nationalized? Are they the new Gestapo in America? Who will know when the lights go out? Thought it could NEVER happen again? Jews be prepared. Here it comes again!

Chris Fidis Reports the trail of money laundering from Nassau County Traffic Violations Agency to Africa and then Afghanistan to kill American Military personnel. We need to hang Mangano as traitor scum he is.

Elected officials like Mangano should serve the people not their own interests or America's enemy?  Understood? Chris Fidis Reports

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